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How To File A Transunion Dispute

If you’ve noticed errors or wrong listings on your free credit report, it’s always a good idea to dispute them right away. Failure to do so can cost you. Transunion allows consumers to dispute any inaccuracies listed on their credit report. There are three ways to file a Transunion dispute.

You can file a dispute with Transunion online, by phone and by mail. Filing a dispute online is the easiest and quickest. But you may not know how.

If you don’t know how to start the Transunion dispute process, do not despair just yet. It’s quite simple actually; and this article will explain just how.

Understanding your Transunion credit report before filing a dispute

You may have a credit report in hand already. If not, you should get a free one through these free credit monitoring services either at CreditSesame or Credit Karma.

Get your Transunion credit report here through Credit Sesame

Once you get your free credit report, make sure you understand what’s in it. Go through it thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any errors.

Do you see any errors on some old accounts that have been paid in full? Do you see accounts that you have no knowledge of opening?

Sometimes the errors can be made by the credit provider or credit reporting agencies, like Equifax, Experian, or Transunion. Sometimes lenders can record inaccurate information or list issues that have already been resolved.

The worst case scenario is that it is a stolen identity or fraud issue. That’s why it is extremely important to file a Transunion dispute as soon as you spot something that doesn’t look right. You just don’t want to find out later that someone has taken out a lot of debt in your name.

Also, remember that you can have a credit report from more than one credit reporting agency. Here’s a guide on how to file an Equifax dispute

Here’s what your Transunion credit report consists of:

In order to start a dispute with Transunion, you will need a credit report from them. Here’s what in the report:

  • Personal information: your first and last name, your current and past addresses, your social security number, your driver’s license and your employer.
  • Accounts: Your current credit cards, any personal loans, student loans, any home mortgage loans. This section includes the status of these credits, the dates you opened them, etc.
  • Credit history: any inquiries you have made whether when applying for a loan, a credit car, or for a rental application. This section lists any defaults on your payments or overdue of payments.
  • Other information: any bankruptcies, court judgments against you, foreclosure, or any accounts that are in collection.

If you see anything that is out of the norm in your credit report, make a note of it so you can dispute it.

Here’s what you should look out for:

  • Your name, your address or date of birth might be incorrect;
  • There might be a new credit card opened in your name;
  • The amount of a debt (i.e., credit card, personal loan, student loan) might be wrong;
  • You don’t recognize an account (most of the time that means someone may have stolen your identity)

Those are some of the things that should prompt you to file a Transunion dispute right away.

Prevent Identify theft – check your credit report regularly

Check your credit report periodically from credit monitoring services such as Credit Sesame or Credit Karma, so there are no surprises. Credit Sesame or Credit Karma will start monitoring your credit score for you. Sign-up for Credit Sesame now to get started now; it only takes 30 seconds! And it’s 100% free to join.

Filing your Transunion dispute

If you see something that is inaccurate on your credit report, you have the right to file a dispute to change it. Filing a Transunion dispute is 100% free.

However, Transunion will not change a listing on your report unless it is inaccurate or out of date. In other words, if your name is Josh Williams, Transunion will not change it to Jose Luiz unless there is a court document or other information that proves your name is indeed Jose Luiz.

To file a dispute with Transunion, you can choose to do it by phone, online and by mail.

Whichever way you choose, the dispute process will include three steps:

1) You have to submit the dispute. The first step in disputing any errors on your credit report involves submitting an investigation request to Transunion. As you will see below, you can do online, by mail, or by phone.

2) Transunion will contact the creditor or creditors for verification. Once Transunion receives your dispute request, they will reach out to the creditor for verification. If no verification is required, they will just change the incorrect information.

3) The creditor returns verification and Transunion will complete the process. Once the creditor returns the verification, Transunion will delete or revise the information in your credit report. However, no change will be made if the creditor verifies its accuracy. In any case, Transunion will send you a summary of the investigation

Filing your Transunion dispute online

Filing a Transunion online dispute is by far the fastest and quickest way correct any wrong items on your credit report.

The first step is to go to this website to start the process: If you’re not already a current user, then you may need to create an account. You will have to enter your personal information, including your name, your address, your social security number, date of birth, email address, etc..

Submit your Transunion dispute and they will take it from there. Also, you’re going to have to upload some supporting documents.

Transunion dispute address

The second option you have in disputing items on your Transunion credit report is by mail. The Transunion dispute address is: Transunion Consumer Solutions, P.O. Box 2000, Chester PA 19016-2000.

Simply draft a letter which includes the following:

  • Your name;
  • Your current address;
  • The identification number listed on your report;
  • The account number of the item or items you are disputing;
  • Changes you need to make to your personal information, etc…

Make a copy of the letter and copies of any supporting documents for your records before mailing them to Transunion.

Transunion dispute number

To file a Transunion dispute by phone, simply call the Transunion dispute number at (800)-916-8800. They are available from Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Have a copy of the letter in hand and any supporting documents when calling. Also, you will have to mail them to Transunion.

Transunion dispute status

Once you file your Transunion dispute, Transunion will complete their investigation in 30 days. However, most Transunion dispute investigations are completed within two weeks. During that time, you can check your Transunion dispute status via their own website. Simply login or create an account to view your status, by clicking here.

Reviewing your Transunion dispute results

Once the investigation is complete, Transunion will inform you of the outcome. If the item was indeed a wrong listing, it will be removed from your credit report. If the item was a correct listing, it will remain on your credit report.

If for some reason you don’t agree with your Transunion Dispute results, it may be a good idea to contact the creditor directly. You may be asked to send additional supporting documents. So be ready to have those handy. If the creditor denies your claim, they still have to report it to Transunion. If they agree with your claim, they most direct Transunion to update or delete the item.

Bottom line

A great credit score is very important to your financial health. In fact, it is the number one item lenders look at when determining whether to extend you a home loan offer or credit. So it’s important to maintain your credit score by regularly checking your credit report for inaccuracies. Removing incorrect information from your credit report through a Transunion dispute,helps maintain your credit score.


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