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10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Food and Groceries

There are several ways to save money on food without going hungry. Knowing how to save money on food and groceries is one of the best ways to learn how to save money.

Here are some money saving tips you can use at the grocery store.

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1. Have a plan before you go the grocery store.

In order to save money on food, you gotta have a plan before you even set foot in the grocery store.

2. Make a shopping list to save money on groceries.

Keep a notepad or your phone handy to type up a shopping list. Throughout the week, add to the list things you need to buy. Remember to take the list with you and buy only things that’s on the list. This will help you to stick to your budget.

3. Track your spending.

To know how much you’re spending on food and groceries, use a free app like Personal Capital, for a few weeks so you can get a real picture of how much you’re spending on food. Once you have an idea how much you’re spending, you can reduce it and create a reasonable budget you can stick to.

Tip: I suggest that you check out Personal Capital. Personal capital is a great tool to track all of your finances in one place. It allows you to connect all of your financial accounts including your mortgage account, your bank accounts, your investment accounts, your credit card accounts, your retirement accounts, etc. The good thing is, it’s totally FREE.

4. Plan your meal to save on groceries.

Meal planning is a good way to save on food. If you plan your meals, you will know exactly what to put in the shopping list and stick to it.

But sometimes we just don’t know what to cook. This is when $5 Meal Plan  come in handy. You get meal plans sent to your email with a shopping list you need to make the meals. The meals are easy to make and affordable.It’s only $5 a month and you get the 4 weeks free too. 

5. Don’t shop with your children.

Go shopping without your children is a great way to save money on food. Kids always want something in the store, whether it’s candy or a new toy.

6. Use cash only.

Use cash only when you go shopping and avoid the use of credit cards. That way you’re not tempted to purchase more stuff and you can spend only with cash.

7. Buy in bulk to save money on food and grocery shopping.

Buying in food in bulk can help you save money on food. Food is much cheaper when you buy in bulk.

8. Check expiration dates.

When you’re shopping, it’s a good idea to check the expiration dates. Check the ‘buy before’ or ‘use by’ dates on items so you don’t waste money buying things you won’t use before you have to throw them out.

9. Avoid buying on impulse.

When you’re shopping you might see something that’s on sale for a cheap price. If those items are not already on your shopping list, avoid buying them. Remember, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you need them. So avoid impulse buying and save money.

10. Don’t shop when hungry.

Another good way to save money on food is to eat something before you go to the grocery store. You tend to buy more when you are hungry.

Just making these changes can help you save money on food and groceries. 

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